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Temporaries are semi-functional sculptures that offer an alternative to traditional object-based sculptural practice. They are made from a kit of scavenged and accumulated scraps, and, as the name implies, each Temporary fulfills its role for a period of time, and is then taken apart and returned to the kit.

The parts, over time, bearing the marks of the work, offer more and more points of inter-connection to join with other parts in new ways, changing and morphing in an iterative process that builds a language of actions.

I work on each Temporary intuitively and swiftly, but also tailor it for its momentary purpose using techniques from traditional joinery, mechanical construction, and hack-job opportunism. I am just as interested in an honest break as I am in a finely rendered joint.

They are accumulations of material but represent the action of their construction more than any sort of product, and translate my improvisational practice into presence. I see these creatures as existing on the spectrum between inert and alive.

Coincidence Control - Brattleboro Museum
Friendmaking - SomoS Art House
Thus Far Gone - 2C
Now Then, - Little Berlin
Will Have Been - AA|LA