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SomoS, Berlin, 2018

Harp (Big Boy) - steel, underwear

The culminating exhibition of a 3-month long residency at SomoS Art House in Berlin, I filled their gallery space with Temporaries, made primarily with objects found on the streets of Berlin, mixed in with components I had lugged with me in my checked bag. It felt like a way to meet the city (or for my process to), and I thought about it as a kind of joinery of place.

The sculptures started to animate themslves in interesting ways while I was there (they were and are my friends). Many of the pieces were wired with small transducers, so they emitted the sounds of their own construction. I made an artist book of the crane outside my window, and used it to hide all the electronics, and oferred street food made from broken phone screens, cobblestones, styrofoam, asphalt, and glass.