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Cedar Sanctuary

This one was all about trees. For this custom soaking situation, I worked with the clients to find a perfect site in their backyard, connecting to their existing deck for ease of use, but providing a wavier experience to match the relaxation they were expecting.

They wanted to honor the memory of a massive grandmother tree that had died and been cut down in their yard the previous year, so we sited the tub where the huge trunk had once stood. There was also a baby redbud that needed space, which defined the curving pathway around it. A pair of extremely productive mulberries stand above the tub, providing us with snacks during the build process, and also staining the fresh cedar boards we were hoping to keep pristine. No chance. 

To match the curving walkway, I manufactured a pair of curved cedar railings on site. I used the aluminum uprights as a guide to ensure that they would fit exactly. After one night of clamping, I took them back to my workshop for sanding and finishing.